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  • Bear fetish w fish
    Bear fetish carving with turquoise fish

    This adorable bear is carved by Andres Quam and signed AQ. Nice brown marble texture with turquoise eyes and a turquoise fish. 2" long.

  • bird fetish
    Bird fetish carving with a medicine bundle

    A really nice bird carving, green serpentine with turquoise eyes and a tied medicine bundle. This carving is done by Herbert Davies, Navajo

  • pipestone carving
    Horned Toad/Lizard carved in Pipestone

    This carving is really well done. Pipestone with turquoise eyes and adornments. Carved in Pipestone by Davey Cooeyate. Size 1 7/8 from head to tail

  • pig fetish
    Pig fetish carving by Stanton Hannawate, Zuni

    What a perfect stone for a piggy. The entire stone is perfect, even little specs towards the bottom to bring out piggy walking around in the pen. Size about 2" A great addition for the pig collector or fetish collector.

  • rabitt fetish carving
    Rabitt fetish carving with Medicine Bundle

    This a wonderful sweet rabbit about 2.5" long. Carved in Picasso Marble. Signed and made by Daisy Natewa.

  • caterpillar fetish carving
    Caterpillar Green Serpentine Stone with turquioise

    Not often you see a caterpillar in Zuni Fetish carvings. This is green serpentine with turquoise dots on the back and end, also eyes, sterling silver antennas. A fine collectors item.

  • turtle fetish
    Turtle in Black Jet and Shell as the turtle shell

    The body of the turtle is carved from Fossilized coal, Jet and the turtle shell is a sea shell. Pretty clever.

  • mouse fetish carving
    Mouse Fetish in Picasso marble

    This mouse is very detailed carved with the tail curved up over the body. 2" wide by 1" across. A nice line circles the head, nose and yes. Look at the enlarged picture for details.

  • horse fetish carving
    This is large fetish horse carving 7" across

    This carving is done so it can be in two positions! Standing on it's back legs or down on all four.

  • frog fetish in dolomite
    Frog Fetish with Turquoise eyes and dots

    This little cute frog is carved by Gordon Poncho, Zuni Pueblo and the stone is Dolomite. Size about 1" either way.

  • swan fetish large
    Swan fetish carving large with curved neck

    This is about 2 3/4" long and 1 1/4" wide, signed S.S. Zuni, NM . Body is carved in white marble. Excellent combination of stones and colors to bring out the swan.

  • herbert him badger
    Badger Fetish by Herbert Him

    Just a stunning carving! Green serpentine by master carver Herbert Him, Zuni Pueblo. Extreme detail in his carvings.

  • skunk fetish carving
    Skunk in Black Jet, white marble and turquioise eyes

    This skunk is Navajo made by David Yazzie DTY. Just under 3" long and simply adorable. Click More Details for more pictures

  • abby panteah fetish carving
    Horse Fetish with Heartline by Pantheah, Zuni

    This horse fetish is nice smooth and feels so good in your hand. Size about 1.5" x .5". This is carved by famous carver Abby Pantheah.

  • dolphin fetish carving
    Dolphin, fish and turtle in Mother of Pearl

    This is carved in Mother of Pearl and carved all the way around. Click on more details to see the other side. Size 2.5" wide. Signed by Michael Sanchez. Zuni

  • bear fetish pipestone
    Bear with Medicine Bundle tied to his back

    This is a little bear carved in Pipestone, Catlanite by Marlo Booqua, Zuni Pueblo, NM. He is small, about 1" wide but so adorable.